When it comes to baby clothes, there’s cute and then there’s adorable, soft and easy to wear. We specialize in the latter. Our layette apparel collection is the best in town because we have clothes that look sweet, feel wonderful and make life easy for mom and dad. Our top seller since the day we opened has been the delightful pima cotton collection from Kissy Kissy. The Kissy Kissy convertible gown could be the best baby item since the diaper, only a lot cuter. Over the years we’ve also added Magnificent Baby, which has, yes, this is brilliant, magnetic closures. As awesomely functional as they sound and even cuter to look at. And one of our newest favorites is the Feather Baby collection. It combines a subtly updated look with the delightful feather-soft cotton that parents find irresistible. Add in our ever-popular favorites and Angel Dear and you’ve got a collection that has something for every baby.