Would you put your baby in a diaper that’s three sizes too small, leaks and feels itchy? Of course not! So why would you, Mama, settle for an ill-fitting nursing bra that makes nursing uncomfortable and difficult?

At The Milky Way, we are serious about FITTING our mamas in awesome nursing bras. Not only are your breasts larger than they were before you got pregnant, but they are now much denser and heavier. So a larger size of the bra you had before just won’t support your new and improved boobs like it did the old ones.

We understand how every stage of pregnancy and nursing affect your body and your bra needs. Some work better for pregnancy, others for the early stages of nursing and others still for when you want to be out-and-about and looking your best.

And we have a huge range of sizes, from 32B-38M. (Yes, you’re reading that right and, yes, we sell a lot of that size.) We also have nursing bras and tanks for sizes 40C-44H. We take the time to fit you in your perfect bra and will not be happy until YOU’RE happy.