Kathleen Levren is one of my best friends and favorite people. But that’s not why she’s featured as the very first Milky Way Mama. We’re spotlighting her because she really is a “Super Mom.” Kathleen managed The Milky for years before becoming a mother herself. And she did it with style. Twin girls, born at almost 38 weeks with no complications. She seemed to dance effortlessly into motherhood, breastfeeding and cloth diapering like it was no big deal. And remember, we’re talking about twins here!

I asked her weigh in on some of her favorite things, and to sprinkle in some well-earned mama advice. This is what she had to say. and My favorite 3 Milky Way products for mom:

What are your three favorite Milky Way products for mother?

Well you know how I feel about the BDA pants from Belly Bandit, but since I have loved those since long before I was a mom, they should get a category all of their own. So I guess you’d call this my favorite product for all women everywhere!

For mom I would have to say the Bravado tanks. They are very easy and supportive…I wore them all summer and still do with cardigans. Nursing bras are great, but you have to get your shirt out of the way. I enjoy the easy access of the tanks.

I simply cannot imagine pumping without a pumping bra, I had the Medela version but know that the Simple Wishes one is great, too. If you are going to pump at all, it is a must-have.

The Ergo 360 was a life saver and a back saver. One of my girls went through quite a long stage where she didn’t want to be put down. The only way I could do anything, even take care of my other daughter, was to wear my fussy baby. She loved being able to face out rather than in.

Another product that I could not have and still couldn’t live without is the My Brestfriend twin nursing pillow. (I didn’t include it to my list because it is so specific to twins)

How about for babies?

Aden and Anais bamboo swaddles! We used them as swaddles in the beginning, “security” blankies all summer, sun shades, germ covers (through them over their car seats to keep people’s faces away in public) and even as a nursing/pumping cover. They sleep in Aden and Anais sleep sacks every night, too.

Angel Dear Lovies are awesome, too. We have two for each girl, and they have both grown quite attached to theirs and have their own way of putting themselves to sleep while holding them.

Little Giraffe Blankets are so soft. It is so cute to watch them cuddle into them. They both immediately pull them up to their faces to cuddle them, which now often turns into a game of peek a boo.

*My husband would have a much more practical list, he would have chosen Gripe Water, Binker Links and Lickety Split Healing Balm.*

What surprised you most about motherhood?

It keeps getting better! I thought I was in love and over the moon when they were first born. I was, but now I look back at those beginning months and wonder how I made it through. Now their silly little personalities and big smiles make everything all worth it. Sometimes it is almost just too much love and cuteness!

Do you have any advice for new moms?

Use the internet wisely! Dr. Google can convince you of the worst; mom wars/shaming can make you feel like you are failing; and all of it comes with the price of precious time that you can be spending with your little one who won’t be so little before you know it. I recommend following your instincts and knowing where to go to get the support and info that you need. Real live people that you know and trust, whether it be through your personal relationship with them or professionals who are experts in their fields, will be your best sources of support and advice.

On a selfish note, when will you start making your amber teething necklaces full time again?

I will never make teething necklaces “full time” but I have recently been able to find some time (about 15-25 hours a week) to work on jewelry. After the holidays, I should have no problem keeping The Milky Way in stock.:)

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